Dreams to Life

Dear friends

This is a chronicle about my course to United Kingdom to be a part of the prestigious National Health Service (NHS) England, which is indeed among the top 10 health care systems of the world. I intend to share the hurdles I had to cross, the difficulties I had to face and how I overcame every obstacles in the due course. I am indebted to my family, friends and my loving GOD for making this dream come true. I believe this is my opportunity to give some something back and I am writing this to inspire & support others who share the common path. This blog includes my personal experiences, guidance to juniors and life hacks.


Behind my success

I thank you Jesus , my ever supportive family and my dear friends for always being with me.

My accomplishments are never mine alone, because I always had help from my friends and from above. Its been an year now since I have started this voyage. Although success is a subjective term, I am satisfied for securing a position in NHS. I know that I have a long way to go but am very happy for the blessings I have received so far. Now its time for thanksgiving as all credits goes to those wonderful beings. 🙂

Like many, I also had a dream of going abroad for a better training, but I thought it was impossible because of the lack of awareness and negative inputs from many sides. Luckily I was made to rethink about the UK path by my best buddies Arunraj, Sherrin, Nizam and Fetty. Their motivation made my dreams to resurge and I felt hopeful again. Furthermore there are many people whom to thank in the many PLAB groups that I have joined.

There are some special mentions, two legends !! namely Naseerkhan and Omar who helped me and many who comes to UK with their ever best blogs that explain each and every aspect of this path. Their work is remarkable as they always try to update themselves, not to mention their dedication and effort in helping others by replying to queries. A big salute to you guys !!

I was inspired by them to start this blog so that I can give my share by motivating others.

Thank you Dr Swamy, all the great faculty and my plab2 group members for all the help and support and for sharing the burden together.

Last but not the least , I thank my brother and sister Libin and Minu for accommodating me and providing me all the comfort of my own home.

Before I conclude, I would like to share a truth with you. Even though I had many helping hands there were many instances when I was all alone, felt it was impossible to move on. But all I did was prayed and it was so powerful that it keeps me calm and content. 

God made every single step achievable for me till now.

So believe and work hard, your success is awaiting you as well.

All the best  🙂



my journey continues……


Useful events that I attended after my PLAB 2

After I was done with PLAB 2 test, I searched for free courses online and attended some of them and it was all fruitful. I got some exposure to conferences in UK and could earn some CPD points. It added some grace to my CV & built my confidence before attending the interviews.

  1. 3rd IMG meet by IMGuide team – I highly recommend this one because it was very informative, explains the fundamentals of  NHS, various levels of training in UK, Gp training, CMT, non training jobs, interview tips, E-portfolios, medical ethics and everything we need to know before starting our career in NHS. Moreover there was separate session for asking our queries and had a free lunch 😀 . Dr. Nilofer Husnoo and Dr. Shaan Goono are the coordinators and you can mail them to book for their upcoming event.
  2. Welcome to UK practice by GMC- Benefits of this event is we get an informative lecture about things you need to be careful about before you start practice. I found it very useful because it is the ethical issues that creates much trouble for an IMG. We get certificate of participation and also free booklets about ethics and good medical practice.
  3. Sepsis event – conducted my UK sepsis trust. It was an awareness programme to help us in detecting sepsis early and also taught us to ask this life saver question ” Can it be sepsis? ” in our clinical practice. Discussed various types of presentations and the current management of sepsis. The event had certificate of participation along with CPD points and also got free lunch and a movie premier- starfish. It also helped me in answering questions related to sepsis in my interviews.
  4. Quality Improvement training by Improvement Academy – there are 3 levels of training namely bronze ,silver and gold level. Bronze level can be completed online and the rest can be attended in person. There are certificates for each level. It will help us in understanding about how the quality improvement projects are happening in NHS and also give us basic knowledge about audits and clinical governance. It also helped me in interviews.